Financial Investment and Technology at UCLA

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit student club at the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA) that focuses on investment and technology. We furnish a platform to comprehend financial theories and market dynamics, aspiring to equip students with the prowess for triumphant forays into finance and technology. Our mission is to cultivate adeptness in investment strategies, fostering a seamless meld of theoretical mastery and pragmatic skill sets.  

What We do

In FIT at UCLA, our paramount emphasis is on furnishing students with an interactive and socially-driven platform conducive to fostering business acumen. We facilitate an environment for knowledge enrichment, market analysis, and meticulous capital research. Concurrently, our dedicated efforts are directed towards guiding students into the realms of financial investment and cutting-edge technology, with a profound focus on imparting the skills necessary for astute and effective investment practices. In general, we provide opportunities for students at UCLA to practice their skills in financial engineering and investment cases by having research projects and investment projects.